Soul Company

by James Nagel

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Recorded at The Boom Factory, Bay Area, CA
Mixed & Mastered by Matt Lands at IndaMix Productions, Inc. Los Angeles, CA
Photography by Ethan Righter of Righter Imaging
Written, Arranged, & Produced by James Nagel

 2010 Soundbathe Music Publishing & James Nagel (ASCAP)


released January 1, 2011

James Nagel – Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Keys & Choir
Also Featuring:
Jake Adelman – Bass, Percussion, Background Effects
Jorge Hernandez – Tenor Saxophone
Marvin Ibe – Electric & Upright Bass
Lavell Jones – Baritone Saxophone
Matt Roads – Electric & Upright Bass
Andrew Wilke – Trumpet
Jon Yadon Jr. – Electric Guitar, Background Effects



all rights reserved


James Nagel Oakland, California

James Nagel is an artist apart from other singer/songwriters. His voice will warm your soul while his earthy tunes will grab hold of your spirit, keeping you begging for more. Writer/Producer Steve Cahill (Tom Waits, Billy Joel) hails James as, “easily one of the most talented young songwriters around today. James is an artist who impresses on every level.” ... more

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Track Name: Soul Company
One thing leads to another
I think you blew my cover
I think you blew my cover
My oh my you’re in for something
Now I’m up and running
Now I’m up and running babe
You turned the spotlight on
With the curtains drawn
And everyone’s watching now
Yes they’re watching now
But I know that you want to move
So start laying into this groove

I’ve got the hits that go the mile
Even got a million-dollar smile
I got a little more swank, swagger, and style
Won’t you please believe
And I’ve got my friends that steal the show
So give ‘em all love so the party don’t slow
Bringing good vibe wherever we go
Oh can’t you see
I’ve got soul company

Can’t believe what you’re hearing
Trying to find out where I’ve been
Trying to find out where I’ve been
Feel that kick hit you so fat
Ain’t nothing else like that
Ain’t nothing else like that babe
My crew is doing fine so if you got a dime
Won’t you put it in the bread jar
Every bit goes far
And if you wanna feel alright
Then come back again tomorrow night
Track Name: Baby Just Come On Back
Oh it wasn’t right how I treated you every night
Out late never coming home
Until the light of the morning
It’s true love’s a give and take
And this whole thing is my mistake
So now I’ve got to win you back and prove
No one else could love me quite like you
And every way that you do

And this right here is a warm beer in a severe dismay
And this right here is a sad song on a weeklong replay
Oh and this right here is a grown man
Who just can’t stand the fact
That he’s nothing in this world without you
So baby just a come on back

Now I know you think that I can’t change
You think I’ll go back to all the same
But you’ve got to believe
I’ll put your feelings in the game
I’ll be the man that treats you kind
Yes I swear I’ll do it better this time
Never take you for granted anymore
Because no one else could love me quite like you
And now I know it’s true

And it feels like forever
Every day you’re gone away
I’m so sorry for all I didn’t say
It was wrong of me
Track Name: Where We Left Off
I ran into you on the street today
You stole my words with your whole display
Too many years that we’ve spent apart
Now my girl left me solo
And your boy broke your heart

It makes no sense we’re only getting older
Fate has grabbed a hold of us

This is the time
Where we are right here right now
What do you say
Oh if you’re ready then you know I’m down
How can we lose
When you feel it set it off
This is the time
Let’s pick it up where we left off

It’s like we never really missed a beat
I still know how to make you laugh
And your still so sweet
I made a few changes you couldn’t help but see
So would it be, would it be wrong to start again
Making new memories

Lips to skin
Bringing us close again
No one could tell you where or when
That’s love stepping in
Track Name: One Night Squeeze
Step into light that does you right
Oh the dark would do it too
Stand out from everyone in sight
It doesn’t make it hard to choose

Smooth like the most expensive wine
What I’d give for just a taste
Say that I’m really worth your time
Now you’re lying to my face
Still it must have count for something
Cause now you’re standing in my place

But you won’t stay long
You’ll be out of here by dawn
With my heart still on your sleeve
And before you leave
I’ll just pretend that I’ll see you again
Then my heartache in the morning might ease
From your one night squeeze

Oh why can’t I stop myself right now
I know it’s gonna hurt more in the end
But I, I can’t believe all things
That you’re doing to me now
And I just don’t want it to end
Oh tell me this is special
Cause it don’t feel like pretend

I know this doesn’t mean nothing to you
Cause if it did you wouldn’t go
So I’m just gonna make it last right now
Then try hard not to hear you
Walking out my door
Track Name: Watching From An Airplane
I learned the truth watching businessmen
Flying here and there and back again
If there’s a fear they don’t want to meet
Well, they just sit back at 30,000 feet

Watching from an airplane
Afraid to face what’s close at hand
They’re watching from an airplane
There’s no telling when they’re gonna land

He’s a self-made American Joe
Has a family that he hardly knows
He can tell all they want is love
But by the end of the day you know he’s had enough

She spends her money on the clothing line
While there’s a soul that could use a dime
She sees he’s broken and sinking fast
But she don’t say a thing, don’t even bother to ask

How did it get so easy to leave
All of the important things down by the seas

So what’s the excuse for our cause
For all the red tape and idled laws
For every person that we’ve kick around
Maybe they’ll do the favor and just shoot us down
Track Name: Together In Love
No place we’re supposed to be
Just some worn out tables holding Hennessey
In the glimmer of night
But heartache happens in a sawdust bar
Some people beat you too hard
It’s okay it’s just one of those days
Hey brother what you looking sad for
Slide on over let me pour you some more

Because it’s always better
When we’re drinking together in love
So fill me up again
It’s always better
When we’re laughing together in love
Together in love

City living got you six feet deep
The stresses the strains it seems dying’s so cheap
But it’s bittersweet
Single in like the sunday parade
Come thirsty come broken
You know we’re all afraid but we’re still alive
Hey sister don’t you walk out that door
Come back in and let us pour you some more
Track Name: Movin' Man
Strap and lace
Under heavy groove
A diamond gaze
Gonna make me move
Oh yes it is

Go to work
9 to 4
Dirty sweat
From every pore
And ya got me Jonesin’
Working hard on the 15th floor

Wow-oh got your moving man moves
Like a moving man you make me move

Do your thing
Honey go ahead
Take the couch
But leave the bed
I don’t need no sheets
Just a place to rest my head

Can I help you break this down
Can you help me take this down
Track Name: She's Making Me Believe
I’m needing something besides this hate
That’s crushing every soul in the world
Don’t want no government supervised state
Just that California Girl

She’s been dancing on the street
Corners of my mind

And when she’s moving she’s moving
And when she’s laughing I’m losing
All control so I’m just letting go
When she’s turning she’s burning
And when she’s loving I’m learning
She’s making me believe
In something good

Don’t want no preacher no prophet or saint
You can tell ‘em they ain’t needed today
Cause she’s my religion man
Oh the kind that won’t taint
Wouldn’t have her any other way

She’s been dancing on the streets
Watch the shadows all bend
Keep the rhythm coming please
Then she’ll do it again
Track Name: Circles
Baby do you know what I see
When your eyes look that lovely way
I see a future shining bright as can be
And it’s gonna get brighter today
Oh our hearts got the interplay

You take the very best of me
And turn it all inside out
Till I’m as bad as can be
Baby you’ve got me spiraling
Following you all the way down
Till it circles on back around

Baby do you know what I hear
When you’re whispering down the hall
The sweetest nothings that sugar my ears
Are your greatest loving call
Oh you know how to make me fall

Let the morning sneak in if it wants to
But we’ll be here still
Yes we will
Track Name: Take Time To Know Me
I felt your fever across the room
Heart like a fire raging within you
You called me over with just a wink
Finding excuses for one more drink
Oh and it’s so nice to be here
But baby there’s something
That I’ve got to make clear

Take time take time to know me
Take time honey don’t rush this all right
Take time take time to know me
I promise if you take time
Things will work out tonight

I like my records
Some chilled Bombay
You love a good book on a rainy day
Nobody’s perfect we both agree
And loneliness ain’t where we want to be
I got you ready to go
We’ll get to it honey
But first let’s take it slow

It’s clear we’re more than compatible and
You’re something I wouldn’t want to lose
But I don’t need fun I want the long run
So take some time cause I’ve made up my mind on you
Track Name: Stand Up
Lost in misery
No sign of sanctity
And you’re thirsty for a glass
Cause the pain is growing fast
In a desert without snow
Oh where did the time go
Your heart was like a dream
But now it’s hardly beating
The way it did yesterday
I think you’ll be okay if you

Just lift up your voice and get your hands up
It’s about time you stand up
You can make all the hate and anger breakup
All you got to do is stand up
If you believe it

Remember how you said
You were never gonna let
Anybody cave you in
So why you letting them all win
How long will you stay
Broken down this way
Cause your eyes are always sad
I really wish you’d turn them back
To the way they looked yesterday
Oh what do you say
Track Name: Catch Your Dream Again
And worry’s at the back of my heart again
Breaking down the door and settling in
Failure is an option to breathe
You know sometimes that looks good to me
But each time I wake up empty
That’s when you got to…

Catch your dream again
Remember where your soul played
Dig up all the plans made
Get on your feet and then…

A song lifts the dust of years ago
Replaying inside my bones just to let me know
Mama said it’d take awhile
“But son when you play I see God smile
Oh don’t forget, don’t forget that child”

Catch your dream again
Remember where your soul played
Dig up all the plans made
Get on your feet and then just
Catch your dream again
Trap it from the inside
Keep it there your whole life
Follow it to the end

Cause every one of us feels the same
We’re sitting out or quit the game
Afraid to try for the bigger thing
Then what we live now
And right here is the chance to be
The honest versions of you and me
If we never stay true
Then we’ll never be free